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The Phonoautobothy


May/June 2024


Glasgow, UK

The Phonoautobothy was built by Idlefield Art Lab in three weeks in May/June 2024 in Glasgow, Scotland. Idlefield was invited by Dr. Matt Brennan at the University of Glasgow to create a new mobile solar-powered recording studio in Scotland. Idlefield created the studio and activated it via two Phonoautomat installations at WestFest, and powered a small stage at the Dear Green Music Scene Festival at the Advanced Research Centre at the U of G.

IAL also recorded with several artists during this period including Withered Hand, Kathryn Williams, Nev Clay and Howie Reeve. They also did some recording for their own music projects: The Burning Hell, Jake Nicoll, and Jake & Pami.

The Phonoautobothy was donated to Beatroute Arts following Idlefield's residency period in Glasgow. Beatroute Arts will use the Phonoautobothy in its community music and arts programming. It will also be used by researchers in the Music and Engineering programs to generate conversations around sustainable energy in the music sector.

Idlefield intends to return to Scotland in 2025 to continue this exciting international collaboration.

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